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Pressing Pause

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We're officially pausing the Charm Cities project. Here's why.

The DOTS Matrix

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The new DOTS packages for Unity are poised to dramatically improve Charm Cities's performance. Just one small problem...

Does Size Matter?

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City-builder games have always played fast and loose with the scale of buildings: coal plants the size of police stations, airports that wouldn't fit two polo fields. What does this mean for gameplay, and what does it do to players' perceptions of the world?

City-building in the time of COVID

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Some thoughts on a unique disaster, what it's meant for Charm Cities, and what you can do to help.

The Charm Cities Project has begun coding!

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We've started work on Phase One! By the end of this phase, users will be able to navigate a scene, build a few buildings, and watch HONs move into their new city!

Buildings and Stories

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Wondering what those buildings pictured on our site are, and why we chose them? The answer, as always, has to do with context, narrative, and human complexity.

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